Rundle Automation, Inc.

Software Architecture, Engineering, Product Development and Deployment

Specializing in software product development for the Oil & Gas Industry

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A wide range of consulting and contract programming services are provided on either a fixed price or time and materials basis. Proven track record. Superior performance. Competitive hourly rates.

Software Architecture

Your organization needs a roadmap for the next generation product line. We are the go-to players to produce an actionable plan that is more than slideware

There is a forest of competing technologies and methodologies and a host of self-interested vendors to promote them. Who can lead your company through this dark and evil wood? We can.

Product Development

We have developed numerous graphical user interfaces using various Microsoft and other technologies.

Seasoned practitioners in all aspects of software product development including software component evaluation, automated and manual testing, installer development and help systems. Do you want to turn your research toys into products? We can do that.

Product Management

We can scale a software development team to your aspirations. Experienced with agile programming techniques. We have built development teams both onshore and offshore.

Do you wonder if you are getting value out of your development resources? We can help.